Experinces in the Design Analysis and Construction of Low Pressure Inflatable Structures
Inflatable structures have become increasingly popular in recent years for a wide range of applications in architecture, civil engineering, aeronautic (airships) and airspace situations. Inflatable structures have unique features. Because of their foldability and air- or helium pneumatic stabilisation they cannot be compared to any classical struc-tural concepts. The use of inflatable structures can be found in temporary and/or foldable structures to cover large spaces or to support other elements, in permanent roofs or shelters with a high degree of transparency, in mobile buildings as temporary housing in civil logistic missions (e.g. environmental disasters and rescue situa-tions), in the construction of tunnels and dams, in antennas for both ground and aerospace applications, as well as in extremely light airship structures among other uses.

Author: Javier Marcipar, Eugenio Oñate and Juan Miquel Canet
Editorial: Cimne

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