Application of a Rotation-Free Triangular Element for Finite Strain Analysis of Thin Shells and Membranes
This paper shows applications of a recently developed shell element to the analysis of thin shell and membrane structures. The element is a three node triangle with only translational DOFs (rotation free) that uses the configuration of the three adjacent elements to evaluate the strains. This allows to compute (constant) bending strains and (linear) membrane strains. A total Lagrangian formulation is used. Strains are defined in terms of the principal stretches. This allows to consider rubber materials and other type of materials using the Hencky stress-strain pair. An explicit central difference scheme is used to integrate the momentum equations. Several examples, including inflation and deflation of membranes show the excellent convergence properties and robustness of the element for large strain analysis of thin shells and membranes.

Author: Fernando G. Flores and Eugenio Oñate
Editorial: Cimne

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